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SSL-Enabled lsucrc/notebook
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SSL-Enabled Jupyter Notebook (CentOS 7)

For non-SSL version, please visit lsucrc/notebook.

This is a containerized distribution of Jupyter Notebook by Louisiana State University
Coastal Resilience Collaboratory ( This image is to enable
an embedded web page with iframe as https host can only embed https site. More about
Jupyter project itself can be found at Jupyter Official Site.

Spinning up Jupyter container

On Linux

$ docker run --rm -it -p 9999:9999 -v "$(pwd):/notebooks" lsucrc/notebook

then Visit https://localhost:9999/ with your favourite web browser. All notebooks from your session will be saved in the current directory.

On other platforms, such as Windows and OS X, that use
docker-machine with docker, a container can be started using
docker-machine. In the browser, open the URL http://ip:9999/ where ip is
the IP address returned from the command docker-machine ip <MACHINE>:

$ docker-machine ip <MACHINE>


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