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Simplify building Debian packages
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This is a docker image that allows you to build the Debian package in a
clean Debian container using debuild with only build dependant packages installed. All
you need is to run a container having mounted your project directory
(containing all the files required for Debian packaging) to /package path
inside the container. Upon completion all generated files necessary for
uploading a Debian package will be placed in your project directory.

How it works

Internally entrypoint script inside container does the following:

  • Create a copy of the content of /package volume, installing build dependancies according to your debian/control;
  • Run debuild using default configuration defined in ~/.devscripts;
  • Copy generated files back to /package volume, so they are accessbile on host for repo uploading or direct use with dpkg.

Any options passed to entrypoint script via docker run will be seamlessly
passed to debuild, i.e. docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/package lucisgit/docker-debuild -b will run debuild -b on your code. Refer to

for the full list of options.

You can pass environment varables as well if required, e.g.

docker run --rm -e DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noddebs -v $(pwd):/package lucisgit/docker-debuild

Choosing Debian release

Use docker image tag for particular version of Debian in your build
container, i.e. lucisgit/docker-debuild:jessie will provide you with Debian 8.x (Jessie). Using no tag, latest or stable corresponds to current stable release of Debian.
Repo branches correspond to the docker image tags, so you can easily see
which releases are supported.


You may switch locale by providing the one you need in LOCALE env variable, e.g.

$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/package -e LOCALE=en_GB.UTF-8 lucisgit/docker-debuild -b

Usage example

Let's build existing package for demo purposes. We will use
fdupes and run binary-only
build (passing -b parameter).

$ apt-get source fdupes
$ cd fdupes-1.51
$ docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/package lucisgit/docker-debuild -b
Preparing package fdupes-1.51-1 for building.
Installing package dependencies...
Package fdupes-1.51-1 has been built, generated files have been placed in
your local package directory
$ ls fdupes_1.51-1*  fdupes_1.51-1_amd64.changes
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