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A sample application demonstrating how big data and connected objects can help energy monitoring.
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Watts-app Docker repository

This repository hosts the Docker images composing the services of the Watts-app demo application (source code).

Images and Dockerfiles

  • lucsorel/watts-app:webapp (Dockerfile): holds the NodeJS/Express application modelling the behavior of the factory & its devices (in reality, this would rather be another service handling connected sensors) and the web application monitoring the factory mean temperature
  • lucsorel/watts-app:datamining (Dockerfile): holds the Python/Scikit-learn application providing a linear regression service able to estimate the heat contribution of each factory device to the factory mean temperature

Services interaction

These services interact over the Docker network with the super-light ZeroMQ messages broker via JSON messages.


The easiest way to get the whole application up-and-running it to use docker-compose up.

Docker Pull Command