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PoinZ - Distributed Planning Poker

PoinZ (/pɔɪnts/) is a simple web app for distributed teams in an agile setup. It allows to easily estimate items of interest (e.g. "stories").

The goal was to provide a ready-to-use tool without the hassle of registration/login, setup and a lot of configuration.

Checkout the demo at

Similar tools are : or

Technologies and Frameworks

The PoinZ Client is built with ReactJS and redux.
Webpack serves as bundling tool.

The PoinZ Backend is a nodeJS express server.



  • You have nodeJS installed at v4.2.0+ and npm at v2.0.0+.
  • You are familiar with npm
  • You are familiar with git
  • You know JavaScript (duh :-) )
  • You are familiar with- or eager to learn react
  • You are familiar with- or eager to learn redux


Try to adhere to the airbnb style guide.



Fork & checkout the repository then install all npm dependencies.

$ npm install

$ cd client/ && npm install

$ cd server/ && npm install

Start the backend

$ cd server/ && npm start

Start the client-serving in dev mode via webpack-dev-server

$ cd client/ && npm run serve

Then you can open the app at http://localhost:9000/webpack-dev-server/


Our build produces a docker image that contains nodejs and our poinz server.
Make sure you have docker installed on your machine and your user is in the "docker" usergroup.

1. Install client npm dependencies

Since we bundle our client, we need all dependencies installed.

$ npm i
$ cd client
$ npm i

2. Build & Pack for deployment

In project root, run

$ npm run build

This will copy all backend and client files to deploy/.
And then start the docker build.

See Deployment for more information.

Docker Pull Command
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