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A slackbot utilizing
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Create a custom bot for your Slack team and invite it to any channels you want it to take part in. It will randomly respond to comments with messages from FOAAS. Sending a private message to the bot will always receive a response. Custom keywords or regex patterns can be defined that will always trigger a response as well.


The environment variables below will need to be defined for each specific use case.

  • SLACK_TOKEN - Obtained by creating a slack bot for your Slack team.
  • BOT_NAME - The name of the slack bot created for Slack team.
  • COMPANY_NAME (optional) - Used for FOAAS messages that require a company name.
  • RESPONSE_PROB (optional) - Probability of responding to any message (out of 100). Defaults to 10.
  • PATTERNS (optional) - List of regex patterns that trigger responses, compiled to ignore case. e.g. '["(foaas)", "(fu)"]'

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