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This is a container that uses Nginx

You can provide a "default" with your vhost configuration, I'm providing two examples in the config directory:

  • default-example.conf This is a very simple example file, if you don't provide a configuration file, this one will be used
  • proxy-example.conf This is a proxy example on how to run nginx to respond to different subdomains.


Nginx will look for some configurations in some directories so you need to mount your directories to point to the right directories.

  • /var/www This is the the place where your files go
  • /etc/nginx/sites-enabled This is the place where you should put your nginx vhosts configuration files.
  • /var/log/supervisor This is where all logs are saved, including supervisor and nginx log files


To run as proxy:

docker run -d -v /etc/nginx/sites-enabled:/etc/nginx/sites-enabled -v /var/www/webfiles:/var/www -v /var/log/docker:/var/log/supervisor --name proxy --net=host -p 80:80 image/nginx

Notice the --net=host, it's necessary so the container can access the host.

To run as a simple web server:

docker run -d -v /etc/nginx/sites-enabled:/etc/nginx/sites-enabled -v /var/www/webfiles:/var/www -v /var/log/docker:/var/log/supervisor --name http -p 80:80 image/nginx
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