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A statistics collecting API. Designed to watch for how collecting nodes behave.
Full Description

Node Watch API

Service designed to log the status of many Rolltime node collectors.


The API has the following working methods:

  • / GET: Retrieves a running list of node status.
  • / POST: Stores a record of a node status. It needs the following arguments:
    • id: Node id. Nodes should have unique ids.
    • status: Either error or ok.
    • message: A string with the message. Required in case of error.
    • time: An ISO 8601 time stamp (up to seconds).

Example request:

$ curl -X POST localhost:9000/ \
  -d "id=collector-ny-01&status=error&message='Failed to collect data.'&time=2015-06-01T14:34:01'"

Docker Setup

Review the Dockerfile and run it linking to a MongoDB instance. make setup will try to setup its own collection in the instance (called scraper_status). This image doesn't need a volume mounted, but it needs the following environment variables in order to work appropriately:

  • MONOGDB_SCRAPER_STATUS_USER_NAME: Dedicated user name for manipulating collections.
  • MONGODB_SCRAPER_STATUS_USER_PASSWORD: Password for the user above.

Those should be passed when running the image.

$ docker run -d --name scraper_status \
  --link mongo:mongo \
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