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Automatic builds of static content can be triggered using Github webhooks.
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Github webhook Docker image

This image can be used as a base image for websites, documentation or any other kind of content that is built from a Github repository. Automatic builds can be triggered using Github webhooks.

The image uses nginx web server and github-webhook-handler node.js module to handle webhooks. It can be mostly configured using several environmental variables.

  • ROOT_PATH - the path of the root directory that is served by the webserver, defaults to /srv/www/build.
  • GITHUB_WEBHOOK - the path part of the webhook, defaults to webhook which means that the webhook URL is http(s)://<server>/webhook.
  • GITHUB_USERNAME - user or organization name.
  • GITHUB_REPOSITORY - repository name.
  • GITHUB_BRANCH - branch of the Github repositry, defaults to master.
  • GITHUB_SECRET - secret payload that should be presented by the remote party to trigger webhook.

The building process relies on two scripts. Script /scripts/ is run every time the container is started. Script /scripts/ is run every time the the webhook is triggered. Both scripts are run as www-data user.

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