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This is a Docker container for running phpADNSite, based on Docker-PHPAppBase.

You need to specify your username and an access token as parameters when running the container. The phpADNSite documentation contains more information about generating an appropriate access token as well as further background information.

Your site will launch with the bootstrap-default theme. If you want to use a different theme, specify the THEME environment variable when running the container, e.g. -e THEME=bootstrap-sidebar. All phpADNSite plugins that are part of the default distribution are enabled in this Docker image with the default configuration file.

If you need a custom configuration file, you can use the following setup:

  1. Upload the configuration file to your account's file storage. You must not make it public because it contains your token.
  2. Specify the STORED_CONFIG_FILENAME environment variable when running the container, e.g. -e STORED_CONFIG_FILENAME=config.php.
  3. As first step when the container is started it will automatically make an authenticated request against the API to retrieve your configuration file and store it in the appropriate location.
  4. If you have made updates to your configuration file, simply restart the container.


docker run -d -p 80:80 lukasros/phpadnsite {username} {accessToken}

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