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A complete range of build tools based on Linux distributions. Includes gcc, clang, cmake, ninja.
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This repository intends to track Dockerfile(s) used to construct images published to Dockerhub under lukaszlaszko/linux_build_tools.

Details on how to use dockerfiles can be found here:


Each of sub-directories in this repository should contain a definition of an image published under its name tag to lukaszlaszko/linux_build_tools.

Components included:

  • ubuntu_extended

    • Ubuntu 16.10
    • clang 3.9 and lldb-3.9
    • gcc 6.2 and gdb
    • cmake
    • ninja
    • python 2 & python 3
    • boost 1.61
    • ssh server
    • root:screencast

      Launch command:

      $ ./ -t ubuntu_extended -m .. -p 20023

      Terminate command:

      $ ./ -t ubuntu_extended

      Docker file

  • centos_basic

    • CentOS 7.3.1611
    • Development tools

      This image is intended to be used as a fundation to other images in the repository. As such it does not constitue ssh endpoint
      and should not be launched with script.

      Docker file


Docker files defining images and utility scripts are stored in a bitbucket repository and can be cloned with:

$ git clone

Lunching and terminating

Scripts in repo's root directory help to launch and terminate containers. As such:

  • may be used to start a container from image in [lukaszlaszko/linux_build_tools] marked with a given tag.

    $ ./ -t ubuntu_extended -m ..

  • may be used to terminate a container running an image with given tag. This command will also delete all
    local storage of the container.

    $ ./ -t ubuntu_extended

Building and testing

There are two scripts used to test new/modified configurations:

  • builds an image locally. After build the image can be launched with

  • delete deletes an image with the given name from the local store. This alos removes all dependent containers.

How to publish

It's desired for images to be constructed using automated build system at docker hub. However, if manual publication
is required:

  1. Create or edit a Dockerfile.

    Each docker image should come in a directory which will indicate its tag a for image linux_build_tools

     $ mkdir centos_basic 
  2. Build docker image with

     $ ./ -t centos_basic
  3. Retag the image to your desire

     $ docker tag linux_build_tools:centos_basic lukaszlaszko/linux_build_tools:centos_basic_manual

    To list local images with tags:

     $ docker images
  4. Push the tagged image into Dockerhub.

     $ docker login
     Login with your Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker Hub. If you don't have a Docker ID, head over to to create one.
     Username (lukaszlaszko): 
     Login Succeeded
     $ docker push lukaszlaszko/linux_build_tools:centos_basic_manual
     The push refers to a repository []
     5914a2c48ee6: Pushed 
     33eda3dd8fcf: Pushed 
     c1bd37d01c89: Layer already exists 
     943edb549a83: Layer already exists 
     bf6751561805: Layer already exists 
     f934e33a54a6: Layer already exists 
     e7ebc6e16708: Layer already exists 
     latest: digest: sha256:426c6a3e9beec233aa28893d365f90a01b6581aac7ba3b023a91bc221467a243 size: 1783
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