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Getting started

Get image

docker pull lukaszm/mongodb


You have 2 choices - configure instance by yourself, or use one
of the presets. In both cases If You wants to access data outside the container, then
You have to mount volumes.

  • /mnt - pass -v /path/ with docker run

Using presets

This preset will run single standalone mongodb instance on port 1337 (to avoid port conflicts if You want to test sharding or replicaset on same machine)


docker run --dit --net=host --name="mongo-1337" -v /some/dir:/mnt \
lukaszm/mongodb:latest 1337

Available presets

  • configsrv - for sharded cluster, runs on port 27019
  • rs0 - replicaSet named rs0, port 27017
  • shard0 - sharded replicaSet named rs0, port 27018
  • shard1 - sharded replicaSet named rs1, port 27020
  • mongos - requires already configServers with hostname shard[0-3].dev.lh:27019
  • 1337 - standalone server running on port 1337

Manual configuration

docker run <image-config> lukaszm/mongodb <mongo-config>


Standalone server with auto-restart on failure (limited to 10 times)

docker run -dit --net="host" --name="mongodb" \
--restart=on-failure:10 -v "/some/path:/mnt" lukaszm/mongodb standalone
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