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Nginx image for openshift
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Source-to-image builder for static nginx containers

Basic use case

Have a git repo with a directory html (or NGINX_STATIC_DIR), in which all
static files to serve are.

s2i-nginx will take all files within, copy them into the docker image and take
a basic nginx config that will simply serve these files.

If there is no html directory, it will just copy all files in the repo.
In that case you will not be able to customize the nginx config.

Configuring nginx

You can supply a nginx.conf-snippet that will be used by the built container.

If there is a directory conf.d containing (possibly multiple) nginx server
snippets these will be used. It will not copy the default config, so be
sure to include the right files. See etc/nginx.server.sample.conf for the
default config.

Auxiliary files

You can put auxiliary files in a directory aux (or NGINX_AUX_DIR) to copy
them to the resulting image, e.g. htpasswd files.

These will be copied to /opt/app-root/etc/aux.

Environment variables

There are some environment variables you can set to influence build behavior.

NGINX_STATIC_DIR sets the repo subdir to use for static files, default

Either NGINX_CONF_FILE sets a config snippet to use or NGINX_CONF_DIR
will copy config from this dir (defaults to conf.d).

NGINX_AUX_DIR sets the aux directory for auxiliary files.

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