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Automated build of Picraft with Python (latest)
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How to setup and use

  1. Run Minecraft Pi edition or Raspberry Juice
    • docker run -it -p 25565:25565 -p 4711:4711 wh11e7rue/raspberryjuice
    • or docker run -it -p 25565:25565 -p 4711:4711 lunran/raspberryjuice if you have Vivecraft
  2. Run Minecraft (or Vivecraft)
    • Select "Multiplayer"
    • Add the IP address as a new server
      • If you're running Docker in a Docker Machine VM, execute docker-machine ip <VM-name> to find it out.
        • e.g. docker-machine ip default
      • Otherwise use "localhost"
    • Join it!
  3. Run this Docker build.
    • docker run -it lunran/picraft
  4. Import Picraft
    • from picraft import *
  5. Connect to the server.
    • If you're running Docker in a Docker Machine VM,
      • world = World('<VM-IP>')
        • e.g. world = World('')
      • Execute docker-machine ip <VM-name> if you don't know the IP address.
        • e.g. docker-machine ip default
    • If you're running Raspberry Juice locally or in a local docker container,
      • world = World()
  6. Create a tower of gold.
with world.connection.batch_start():
    for y in range(0, 100):
        world.blocks[world.player.tile_pos + Vector(x=10,y=y)] = Block('gold_block')

Cast a spell of Python in Minecraft!

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