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First level easy vocabulary
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The program mainly for practising the vocabulary.

The logic is currently very simple. you run the test, with the words you failed, it will count the failed times, it will show you all the failed times and together with how many words has been failed. So, the goal is, with every time failing, it needs one time right, it means, how many times you have failed, and how many times you need to get it right. In the end, the "Failed Times" only with 0 is everyday we shall archive.

The TOP 20 words also show the most failed words, you can clear the words from these list, only you can make it right three times. So, to keep TOP 20 clean also is the goal. :-)

The program also has the logic that the more right you practice for a word, the word will be more later coming to ask you for testing :-) , so it has higher priority for difficult words to get more chance for practising.

One more important thing!!!!!
You can add your own new words to the word.txt, so we can share the words and learn from each other.
You can just edit the word.txt to add your entry to the last line "english:finnish", nothing else, the program will take care the rest meta data for the new word.

sudo docker run -a stdin -a stdout -i -t lvronghai/vobcabulary-test-50

Now you are in container bash, and run the vobtester


Welcome to vobtester! Please give your choice :

(1) Test failed words
(2) Show the words failed in TOP 20
(q) Quit


  1. upload your own new image.

    // find the running container
    #sudo docker ps -a

    // commit the running container
    #sudo docker commit 4f5a9b76064f(containerId) lvronghai/vobcabulary-test-50

    // push the image to the docker:hub for everyone share
    #sudo docker push lvronghai/vobcabulary-test-50

Docker Pull Command