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cross compiler for arduino yun's AR9331
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Arduino Yun cross-compiler

Arduino Yun cross-compiler for AR9331 in a Docker container.

This project is largely inspired of sdt4docker/raspberry-pi-cross-compiler.


commands in the container are run as the calling user, so that any created files have the expected ownership (ie. not root)
make variables (CC, LD etc) are set to point to the appropriate tools in the container
ARCH, CROSS_COMPILE and HOST environment variables are set in the container
symlinks such as ayxc-gcc and ayxc-objdump are created in /usr/local/bin
current directory is mounted as the container's workdir, /build


This image is not intended to be run manually. Instead, there is a helper script which comes bundled with the image.

To install the helper script, run the image with no arguments, and redirect the output to a file.

docker run lyadis/arduino-yun-cross-compiler > ayxc
chmod +x ayxc
mv ayxc ~/bin/

ayxc [command] [args...]

Execute the given command-line inside the container.

If the command matches one of the ayxc built-in commands (see below), that will be executed locally, otherwise the command is executed inside the container.

ayxc -- [command] [args...]

To force a command to run inside the container (in case of a name clash with a built-in command), use -- before the command.
Built-in commands

ayxc update-image

Fetch the latest version of the docker image.


ayxc make

Build the Makefile in the current directory.

Note: You shouldn't define CC and LD, they are already defined.

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