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Oracle XE - Dockerfile

This repository contains a Dockerfile to create a docker container with Oracle Express Edition 11g Release 2 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty)

This Dockerfile has been published as a trusted build to the public Docker Registry.

How-To: Build this image

If you want to build this image and use latest Oracle XE version, you will need to download Oracle XE from Oracle site.

Then you will also need to convert download rpm file into deb, using alien tool.

Run following command to convert downloaded rpm package into deb.

sudo alien oracle-xe-11.2.0-1.0.x86_64.rpm

I also keep, already downloaded Oracle XE image in GitHub repository, split into 3 pieces, due to GitHub 100MB file limit. Original file is split by running split command and merged back with cat command (Google for how to use both commands).

How-To: Install and Use

docker pull alexeiled/docker-oracle-xe-11g

Note: It's important to run Oracle XE with >1GB shared memory.

Example: Running Oracle XE in detached mode with 1521 and 8080 ports opened and 2GB shared memory:

docker run -d --shm-size=2g -p 1521:1521 -p 8080:8080 alexeiled/docker-oracle-xe-11g

Connect database with following setting:

hostname: localhost
port: 1521
sid: xe
username: system
password: oracle

Password for SYS user


Connect to Oracle Application Express web management console with following settings:

url: http://localhost:8080/apex
workspace: internal
user: admin
password: oracle

Do not forget to change admin password!

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