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Generic PHP Apache Docker container

Generic PHP Apache docker container built on CentOs 7.

Note: This repo just serves as a base image for building PHP/Apache based containers. You can extend this by using the existing image (the result of this Docker file repo) at by Docker Hub.


You must have at least Docker 1.6.2 where this Dockerfile is tested. It is also nice to have a fast internet connection or best if you do this on a VPS or some cloud hosting account.


For testing purposes, like a hello workd application (in our case, a phpinfo() output), we can build the image this way.

Note: I prefer to create images and containers as a regular user. You may choose to run it as root.

# Clone this repo
git clone
cd docker-php-apache

# Build image, you can use any tag name
docker build --rm -t lysender/php-apache .

# Create and run a container on poart 8080
docker run --name sample-php -d -p 8080:80 lysender/php-apache

The first part (building the image) will take some time to complete. Fast connection helps.

After building, we create a container based on the newly created image, configure it to run as a daemon -d, map the exposed port to 8080 where it maps to the containers port 80.

You can then test this by visiting or the IP address of your VPS like http://your-vps-ip:8080.

The output is a phpinfo() page based on our sample index.php file.


Site does not load? Try checking if the container is still running.

docker ps

It should show the currently running containers. It sample-php container is not listed, or has exited for some reasons, then there are issues when the image or container.

TODO: Add more troubleshooting information.

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