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Reliam Container Project
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Reliam Container Project

2 containers, 1 web, 1 db, linked together for wordpress page

The below commands are what needs to be run on a fresh system for full functionality. These have been packaged into a script from my Github repo:

Run the script to automate the below commands.

Pull the repo images

docker pull lzareliam/rcp

Find the pulled image ID

docker images

Set the ID to a bash variable


Build peristent storage volumes

docker create -v /var/lib/mysql/wordpress -v /usr/share/nginx/html --name storage ${id}

Run db container

docker run -d -p 3306:3306 --volumes-from storage --name lzadb --restart=always ${id} mysqld_safe

Run www container with link to db

docker run -d -p 80:80 --link lzadb:lzadb --volumes-from storage --name lzawww --restart=always ${id} bash /

Now you have a web server with wordpress ready to install and a database ready to be written to.

Connect to the web instance via HTTP and configure wordpress accordingly.
Use lzadb as the database host since the link is established.

Docker Pull Command