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A Bitcore full node setup (inclduing Bitcoind, Insight-API and Wallet Service).
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Bitcore Full Node Docker Image

This Docker recipe provides a Docker image of Bitcore Wallet Service, based on the official node Docker image. It includes a Bitcore full node setup (Bitcoind and Insight-API).

Available Docker Images

Image Name Tag Bitcore-Node Insight API Wallet Service Bitcore-Lib Node.js NPM
m00re/bitcore 3.1.3-b2 3.1.3 0.4.3 1.17.0 0.14.0 4.8.3 2.15.11
m00re/bitcore 3.1.3 3.1.3 0.4.3 1.17.0 0.13.19 4.8.3 2.15.11


The Bitcore full node service requires a running Mongo-DB instance. The following docker-compose.yml illustrates how to spawn an own instance in just a few seconds:

version: '2'

    image: mongo:3.4
    restart: always
      - bitcoin
      - 27017:27017
      - bitcore-db:/data/db:Z

    image: m00re/bitcore:3.1.3
    restart: always
      - db
      - bitcoin
      - 3232:3232
      - bitcoind-data:/home/node/bitcoind:Z    


    driver: bridge


The initial startup of this docker image can be configured through the following environment variables:

  • BITCOIND_DATA_DIR: defines the directory inside of which the bitcoind instance will persist its data and where the initial bitcoinf.conf configuration file will be generated to (default: /home/node/bitcoind).
  • BITCOIND_MAX_UPLOAD_TARGET: defines the maximum outbound traffic limit (in MiB per 24h) for the bitcoind instance (default: 144). See also
  • MONGO_DB_HOSTNAME: defines the hostname of the Mongo DB instance, which is required by Bitcore (default: db).
  • MONGO_DB_PORT: defines the port name under which the Mongo DB instance is reachable (default: 27017).

During startup, the configuration files for bitcoind and bitcore are automatically generated. The locations of these files are as follows:

  • /home/node/bitcoind/bitcoin.conf
  • /home/node/bitcore/bitcore-node.json
  • /home/node/bitcore/node_modules/bitcore-wallet-service/config.js

While it is favorable to mount a volume to /home/node/bitcoind in order to persist blockchain information and configuration, the Bitcore configuration files can safely be forgotten if the container is stopped. Wallet information is stored in the Mongo DB instance, which of course should be configured to use a data volume.

Accessing Bitcore services

The Bitcore node is running the following services, which can be access as described below:

  • Insight-API: listening on port 3001, accessible via HTTP below path /api. A typical request would be
    something like GET /api/block/000000000000025c6e6f528c89419877ee26c28f860fa31866d443d9f951ad91. It is however not necessary to expose port 3001 to the host system if you only want to use the wallet service.
  • BitCore wallet service: listening on port 3232 and accessible via HTTP below context root /. To use the
    service by clients such as Copay, configure the wallet endpoint to e.g. http://localhost:3232 (without a trailing slash). In order to secure communication between Copay and your Bitcoin wallet service instance, simply use an Nginx instance as HTTPS reverse proxy.

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