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A consul-template container based on Alpine and including curl for usage in the "command" directive
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This is a container for docker running consul-template by Hashicorp with an
additional installation of curl.


There are only two features worth mentioning:

  • Freshness: Every time the container is built, the newest version of consul-template
    is downloaded and unpacked.
  • curl: To enable reasonable use of the command directive within template sections, curl is preinstalled.
    This way it's easy to query the Docker socket or APIs after a template change. Example:
template {
  source = "/mnt/templates/nginx.ctmpl"
  destination = "/mnt/nginx/nginx.conf"
  command = "curl --unix-socket /tmp/docker.sock -X POST http:/containers/nginx/kill?signal=SIGHUP"
  perms = 0600
  backup = true
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