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Host Apple Software Updates from a Docker container.
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Docker container to run reposado and serve softwareupdates using nginx

sample usage.

 docker run --rm -i -t macadmins/reposado python /reposado/code/repoutil --help

To have persistent storage, use a volume container. Example:

 docker run --rm -i -t --volumes-from reposado-data macadmins/reposado python /reposado/code/repo_sync

You can schedule the above command via cron/systemd or run it manually.

Currently, the port has to be 8080 for both the container and the host. The LocalCatalogBaseURL is http://reposado:8080

Margarita is also bundled in but not enabled by default.
You can run the Margarita Flask server either together with nginx, by opening both -p 8080 and -p 8089 or separately like so:

/usr/bin/docker run --rm --name margarita --volumes-from reposado-data -p 8089:8089 macadmins/reposado python /home/app/margarita/


  • passenger_wsgi script for margarita
  • nginx configuration file for margarita
  • move reposado.conf and margarita.conf to sites-available and symlink to sites-enabled as needed
  • basic authentication for margarita
  • allow using a different LocalCatalogBaseURL (suggestions welcome)
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