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This image comprises of a Sal Server is able to use LDAP authentication. There are many, many things that may need to be changed for your environment - this image works with my AD environment. As such, you may need to override completely. This image uses django-auth-ldap to connect to LDAP, so please refer to the documentation there if you need a more custom configuration.


This image extends (macadmins/sal)[]. For full usage instructions for that image, see it's repository.

Environment variables

  • SAL_LDAP_SERVER_URI: The URI of your LDAP server. Defaults to ldap://ldap
  • SAL_LDAP_BIND_DN: The distinguished name of your bind account.
  • SAL_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD: The password for your bind account.
  • SAL_LDAP_USER_SEARCH: The search path for users.
  • SAL_LDAP_GROUP_SEARCH: The search path for groups.
  • SAL_LDAP_REQUIRE_GROUP: A group object to restrict login to.
  • SAL_LDAP_START_TLS: Set to true to use TLS. Defaults to false
  • SAL_LDAP_USER_ATTR: The ldap attribute to identify the user. Defaults to sAMAccountName - NOT WORKING, MUST EDIT SETTINGS.PY TO MAKE THIS CHANGE CURRENTLY
  • SAL_LDAP_LOGGING: Set to true to enable logging of requests for debugging. Defaults to false.
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