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Docker container for SolarWinds WebHelpDesk
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This is a Dockerized version of WebHelpDesk. This is based on the RHEL rpm installed on a CentOS 6 base.

Prepare the data container for the DB:

  1. docker run -d --name whd-db-data --entrypoint /bin/echo macadmins/postgres Data-only container for postgres-whd
  2. docker run -d --name postgres-whd --volumes-from whd-db-data -e DB_NAME=whd -e DB_USER=whddbadmin -e DB_PASS=password macadmins/postgres

Prepare the data container for WHD:

  1. docker run -d --name whd-data --entrypoint /bin/echo macadmins/whd Data-only container for whd
  2. docker run -d -p 8081:8081 --link postgres-whd:db --name whd --volumes-from whd-data macadmins/whd

Configure WHD Through Browser:

  1. Open Web Browser: localhost:8081
  2. Set up using Custom SQL Database:
    1. Database type: postgreSQL (External)
    2. Host: db
    3. Port: 5432
    4. Database Name: whd
    5. Username: whddbadmin
    6. Password: password
  3. Skip email customization
  4. Setup administrative account/password
  5. Choose "IT General/Other"
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