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TACACS+ daemon (
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tac_plus is a TACACS+ daemon. It provides Cisco Systems routers and access servers with authentication, authorisation and accounting services.

This version is a major rewrite of the original Cisco source code. Key features include:

  • NAS specific host keys, prompts, enable passwords
  • NAS- and ACL-dependent group memberships
  • Flexible external backends for user profiles (e.g. via PERL scripts or C; LDAP (including ActiveDirectory), RADIUS and others are included)
  • Connection multiplexing (multiple concurrent NAS clients per process)
  • Session multiplexing (multiple concurrent sessions per connection, single-connection)
  • Scalable, no limit on users, clients or servers
  • CLI context aware. At the time of writing this, no other TACACS+ daemon is.
  • Both IPv4 and IPv6 are fully supported.
  • Compliant to latest TACACS+ protocol specification (draft 1.78)
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