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Base is a development environment for macgyver publishers to utilize for creating macgyver programs.
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Base is a development environment for macgyver publishers. It includes all the required dependencies for running a macgyver program as well as the directory hierarchy needed for housing your main program file and the dynamic data object (data.json).

Developer Tools:

Base includes common developer tools such as various text editors, network and traffic monitoring tools as well as data analysis programs. Additional programs can be downloaded as needed.


When calling a program - macgyver will perform three steps.

  1. Write client payload data to /macgyver/temp/data.json
  2. Run Command runtime-command /macgyver/main
  3. Return the output of /macgyver/main file to the client

Macgyver publishers are encouraged to install any additional runtime environments or dependency packages that they may need to execute their algorithm.

Operating System:

Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS

Additional Notes:

Base is provided to help make development easier for macgyver publishers but it is not required to be used. Most Linux distributions will work fine if the below requirements are met.

Custom Docker Image Requirements
  1. Bash installed at /bin/bash
  2. /macgyver/temp folders in place at root directory
  3. Main program file located at /macgyver/main

Additional Resources:

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