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Short Description
Machbase DBMS processes large amounts of machine data in real time with little hidden cost.
Full Description

Machbase is an innovative database management system that stores and analyzes large amounts of time series big data in real time. Time Series Big Data refers to log data which are constantly generated from a variety of IT infrastructure, including IoT equipment, sensors, and applications. Since hundreds of thousands of data are created per second, these large volumes of data have been processed simply by storing in a text file or using the open source with high hidden costs. Machbase makes it possible to store, retrieve a large volumes of data in real time, enabling you to make rapid, data-driven decisions in expeditiously changing business environment.
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I. Configuration

1) Running the container
$ docker run -it -p 5001:5001 machbase/machbase

2) Exposed Ports
The following ports are important and used by Machbase.

  • 5656 : Machbase Process port for ODBC, JDBC API
  • 5001 : MWA(Machbase Web Analytics) port
    When you access Machbase Web Analytics via web browser, the ID is "admin" and the password is "machbase".

II. Quick Reference

III. Machbase License

Machbase has a Community Edition with startup support program.
Full features are feasible in this community edition without any limitation.
You can use it for free for non-commercial purposes and download it from URL down below.

IV. Supported Docker versions

This image is officially supported on Docker version 17.04.0-ce.
Support for older versions(down to 1.6) is provided on a best-effort basis.
Please see the Docker Installation documentation( for more details on how to upgrade your Docker deamon.

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