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Zoomdata Connector Server for CrateDB
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Zoomdata Connector Server for CrateDB on Docker

This repository holds a build definition and supporting files for building a Docker image to run EDC-CrateDB.
It is published as automated build machinedata/edc-cratedb on Docker Hub.

What is the Zoomdata Connector Server for CrateDB?

Zoomdata is a next generation data visualization and analytics system optimized for real-time and historical big data backends.

The Connector Server for CrateDB allows Zoomdata to query a CrateDB Cluster.

A clean, lightweight container

  • Based on the official Alpine Linux image - super slim and lightweight.
  • Only openjdk8-jre as dependency.
  • No magic. Straight forward container that simply runs the JAR file.
  • Image follows Dockerfile best practices (PID1 for proper signalling, logging,...)


Simply start EDC-CrateDB and expose it via http://{HOSTNAME}:7337:

$ docker run -d -p 7337:7337 machinedata/edc-cratedb

Configuring Zoomdata

Log in as supervisor and define the CrateDB Connector Server. It is using the HTTP protocol on port 7337 and connects to the /connector REST endpoint. E.g. http://edc-cratedb.domain.local:7337/connector

Also define the CrateDB Connection. Make sure to define the string parameter JDBC_URL. You can use the icon provided in this repository.

Once you defined the Connector Server and the new Connection Type you can log in as administrator user and create the first JDBC connection to Crate. You can specify multiple servers separated by ,. E.g. crate://crate01.domain.local:5432,crate02.domain.local:5432/. Trailing slash is required.


  • 7337: The default port where EDC-CrateDB is listening. When specifying the connection string from Zoomdata make sure to use the /connector endpoint.


EDC-CrateDB is a project of Zoomdata, Inc. under the Apache 2.0 license and was created by Quan Luu, Justin Boyd and William Bowen.

docker-edc-cratedb is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
Copyright 2017, Inc..


Thanks for considering contributing to docker-edc-cratedb!
The easiest way to contribute is either by filing an issue on Github or to fork the repository to create a pull request.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to join us on Slack.

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