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MapServer + TileCache on Apache PHP + FastCGI + Memcached
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Apache + Mapserver + TileCache + Memcached

This is a simple Apache2 image including Mapserver and TileCache running as FastCGI processes. Apache Includes
PHP, and php-mapscript extension. To use this image effectively you should:

  • The apache config contains an Alias /ms_tmp /home/data/ms_tmp (the mounted ms_tmp).
  • The apache config contains an Alias /data /home/data/ms_data (the mounted ms_tmp).

This means that you mount a directory resembling the following structure in /home/data:

tree data_to_mount
├── ms_data
│ ├── images
│ ├── legends
│ ├── mapfiles
│ ├── raster
│ ├── resources
│ ├── sessions
│ └── shapeFiles
├── ms_data
└── tilecache

MapServer runs under http://[yourhost]/mapserver once the image is ran.

  • If you want to use the container to run an application, you must either mount your source code
    -v /your/source:/var/www at runtiem or ADD your_source /var/www in your Dockerfile.

When something fancier is required, you can always create a VirtualHost configuration like the following:


<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www

  # more fancy confs


In which case MapServer would run under

TileCache Config

TileCache config can be customized adding a etc/tilecache.cfg file. The tile cache server runs
under the /tilecache alias.

Sample Dockerfile reusing the image

FROM maciekrb/apache-mapserver-fcgi

# --------- Add your own configs ------------
ADD etc /etc

# ---------- Add your app source ------------
ADD your_source /var/www


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