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Possibly the best `Dockerfile` for Strider-CD
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Strider-CD Docker

Possibly the best Dockerfile for Strider-CD.


  • Uses node base image
  • Doesn't run as root
  • Thin and Optimised Container. Uses linked MongoDB and SMTP containers for those services
  • Installs latest Strider-CD cleanly from Git source
  • Supports installing and upgrading plugins from the web UI.


The most straight forward usage is via Docker links:

docker run -d --name mongo mongo
docker run -d --name smtp -e MAILNAME=test panubo/postfix
docker run -d --name strider -p 3000:3000 --link mongo --link smtp

Then go point your browser at http://localhost:3000.

Environment variables

These are the base Strider variables. Docker links can be use in place of configuring the SMTP and MongoDB services:

  • SERVER_NAME - Required; Address at which server will be accessible on the Internet. E.g. (note: no trailing slash)
  • HOST - Host where strider listens, optional (defaults to
  • PORT - Port that strider runs on, optional (defaults to 3000).
  • DB_URI - MongoDB DB URI (or use --link MONGO), alternatively define both MONGO_HOST and MONGO_PORT
  • HTTP_PROXY - Proxy support, optional (defaults to null)
    If you want email notifications, configure an SMTP server (we recommend Mailgun for SMTP if you need a server - free account gives 200 emails / day):
  • SMTP_HOST - SMTP server hostname e.g.
  • SMTP_PORT - SMTP server port e.g. 587 (default)
  • SMTP_USER - SMTP auth username e.g. "myuser"
  • SMTP_PASS - SMTP auth password e.g. "supersecret"
  • SMTP_FROM - Default FROM address e.g. "Strider" (default)

Initial config variables. If these are defined then they will be used to create an admin account:




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