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System requirements:

Ensure you have enough RAM. I failed to build opencv with 1gb of RAM, works OK with 6gb of RAM.
compiler tools and needed libraries


$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
$ sudo apt-get install libtool autoconf
$ sudo apt-get install cmake git libgtk2.0-dev pkg-config libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libswscale-dev
$ sudo apt-get install python-dev python-numpy libtbb2 libtbb-dev libjpeg-dev libpng-dev libtiff-dev libjasper-dev libdc1394-22-dev

Get fresh opencv:
Select stable version 3.2.0 for development:

$ cd ~/<my_working_directory>

# Download and unpack opencv and opencv_contrib version 3.2.0:
$ wget
$ wget

$ cd opencv-3.2.0
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local -D OPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH=../../opencv_contrib/modules/ -D BUILD_PYTHON_SUPPORT=ON ..
$ make -j3
$ sudo make install

Tesseract OCR:

$ sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr
$ sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr-kir 

Caffe v1.0

Ubuntu installation:

sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip build-essential  
sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev libopenblas-dev  
sudo apt-get install libprotobuf-dev libleveldb-dev libsnappy-dev libopencv-dev libhdf5-serial-dev protobuf-compiler  
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends libboost-all-dev  
sudo apt-get install libgflags-dev libgoogle-glog-dev liblmdb-dev  


$ wget
tar xvf 1.0.tar.gz
cd caffe-1.0/
cp Makefile.config.sample Makefile.config

Be sure to set your Python paths in Makefile.config first.

Update this strings in Makefile.config:

-# CPU_ONLY := 1
-INCLUDE_DIRS := $(PYTHON_INCLUDE) /usr/local/include
-LIBRARY_DIRS := $(PYTHON_LIB) /usr/local/lib /usr/lib

+CPU_ONLY := 1
+INCLUDE_DIRS := $(PYTHON_INCLUDE) /usr/local/include /usr/include/hdf5/serial/
+LIBRARY_DIRS := $(PYTHON_LIB) /usr/local/lib /usr/lib /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/hdf5/serial/

After changing Makefile.config:

make all -j4
make test
make runtest

Python bindings:

pip install numpy
make pycaffe

Download vgg caffe model

$ cd idmatch/matching/model/ 
$ wget
$ tar xfvz vgg_face_caffe.tar.gz

Caffe levels are:

0 - debug
1 - info (still a LOT of outputs)
2 - warnings
3 - errors
export GLOG_minloglevel = '3'

Application requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt


Command line interface:

# Running CLI
$ ./ --img <path/to/image>
$ ./ --help

Running web server

$ gunicorn web.server:app -b
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