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SaltStack's Salt-Master
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SaltStack's Salt-Master docker image for easy deployment.

Give it a test run

docker run -d --name salt-master madsrc/salt-master
docker exec -it salt-master /bin/bash


The following volumes can be exported:

  • /etc/salt
  • /var/cache/salt
  • /var/logs/salt
  • /srv/salt
  • /root/.ssh

Bossing your minions around

You can issue commands to the salt-master by using docker exec, either by
entering the container or by issuing salt-commands directly.

docker exec -it salt-master /bin/bash
root@f6511a4aa0a1:/# salt --version
salt 2015.8.5 (Beryllium)
root@f6511a4aa0a1:/# exit

docker exec salt --version
salt 2015.8.5 (Beryllium)

Run it

If you're gonna run it in production, we better have some persistence. The
below command will make all the relevant files and folders be persistant and
available to your host system at /opt/salt-master.

docker run -d --name salt-master -v /opt/salt-master/root/ssh:/root/.ssh -v /opt/salt-master/etc/salt:/etc/salt -v /opt/salt-master/var/cache/salt:/var/cache/salt -v /opt/salt-master/var/log/salt:/var/log/salt -v /opt/salt-master/srv/salt:/srv/salt -p 4505:4505 -p 4506:4506 madsrc/salt-master:latest salt-master

Now you can safely stop your salt-master without loosing your files.

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