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Vtiger 6 by Maestrano

This version of Vtiger is customized to provide Single Sing-On and Connec!™ data sharing. By default, these options are not enabled so an instance of the application can be launched in a Docker container and be run as-is.
More information on Maestrano SSO and Connec!™ data sharing

Build Docker container with default Vtiger installation

sudo docker build -t .

Activate Maestrano customisation on start (SSO and Connec!™ data sharing)

This is achieved by specifying Maestrano environment variables

docker run -it \
  -e "MNO_SSO_ENABLED=true" \
  -e "MNO_CONNEC_ENABLED=true" \
  -e "" \
  -e "MNO_API_KEY=a518c836057355ef5e5020b5db3b5d18b1f778bd80acb0dc3c6a086645f4aa71" \
  -e "MNO_API_SECRET=c1fb4e69-bb67-48b4-a1a6-c23734b348cc" \
  -e "MNO_APPLICATION_VERSION=mno-develop" \
  -e "MNO_POWER_UNITS=4" \
  --add-host \
  --add-host \


Setup your development environment

Use docker ps -a to retrieve the name of the container that you just started, and launch this script (from directory deploy/):

ruby ./setup_devenv.rb <container name> <path>

It will retrieve the IP of your container, add it to your /etc/hosts file, and link the directory containing vTiger source files (stored inside of the container) to a local path.

Your work environment (vtiger6 git repo hosted on the container) will be available at the specified path. However, as /var/lib/docker/[...], where the volumes are located, belongs to root:root, you will need to log as root to access it and modify vtiger6's project code.

Some files will be created in this directory during the installation phase. Consequently, you will have to :

  • add the newly created files to your .git/info/excludes for them to be excluded from your next commits
  • temporarily untrack the versionned files that have been modified during the installation:
git update-index --assume-unchanged <file>

Docker Hub

The image can be pulled down from Docker Hub
maestrano/vtiger6:stable: Production version

maestrano/vtiger6:latest: Development version


Install Docker

sudo apt-get install -y
sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker

RESTART COMPUTER to apply user's rights

Install apache2 and configure hosts (when in /deploy)

sudo su
apt-get install -y apache2
/etc/hosts << ""
/etc/hosts << ""
cp maestrano.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/
a2ensite maestrano.conf
a2enmod proxy_html proxy_http
service apache2 restart
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