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Bridge is a simple, web based docker manging app based on node.js. It's main goal is to wrap the docker API/CLI into a simple webinterface.

Why bridge is different from other docker mangement tools.

  • simple - bridge aims to be a very simple convenience wrapper of the docker api for the web
  • single node - bridge is made to manage a single docker daemon, not cluster (this might come in the future)
  • integrated - bridge integrates with services like the docker registry.
  • batteries included - bridge targets users that have common docker tasks in ther minds: pull, restart, schedule a docker run etc.

Features in development:

  • container management - pull & run containers with all required parameters like volumes, ports, links etc.
  • registry connection - auto pull & deploy container after registry push.
  • security - single user via HTTP basic auth. (Note: you should always use SSL for you server. cloudflare offers free ssl!)

Features that will be included later

  • scheduler - cronjob like scheduler for running containers.

configuration & setup

ENV Variables

  • ADMIN_NAME - username used for authentication
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD - password used for authentication

to connect to your docker installation use one of the following combination:



  • DOCKER_UNIX_SOCKET_PATH - maybe together with a -v that links the unix socket into the bridge container. (note: you have the set the -H parameter in the docker config at /var/default/docker)

optional parameters:

  • SLACK_URL - the slack url to be called, if an event is triggered.


using certs & external host (eg boot2docker), deamonized

docker run -d --name bridge \
  -e ADMIN_NAME=admin \
  -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=4dm1n \
  -e DOCKER_CERT_PATH=/cert \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -v $DOCKER_CERT_PATH:/cert \

using mounted unix socket

docker run -d --name bridge \
  -e ADMIN_NAME=admin \
  -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=4dm1n \
  -e DOCKER_UNIX_SOCKET_PATH=/var/run/docker.sock \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \


run server with nodemon

nodemon app.js -e js,html

build locally:

docker build -t magegu/bridge .

based on

  • dockerode - an awesome docker node.js library
  • express - node.js web application framework
  • angular - angular.js frontend framework
  • lots of other libraries :)

container image source

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