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the minecraft server for mct1 initiative
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Minecraft Server for Type 1 for Everyone Project.

Type 1 for Everyone empowers families and kids with Type 1 Diabetes in the conversation with their friends and classmates. We do this using a custom Minecraft server that gives players the experience of living with Type 1 Diabetes.

By understanding it at an intuitive "as-lived" level, kids are able to understand and offer support to their friends who live with Type 1 Diabetes in real-life. This can be something as simple as reminding their friend to test their Blood Glucose Level, or asking them if they have taken their insulin.

Children don't want to be different, and having Type 1 Diabetes makes them different. This can make the conversation with friends and classmates challenging. As well, the mechanics of Type 1 Diabetes are not trivial. There are multiple factors that interact - it's not just "Oh, you can't eat sugar!"

Explaining all this can be exhausting, and doubly so when it doesn't create understanding.

Using a Minecraft game allows children to immerse themselves in a world of play, and experience first-hand what it means to have Type 1 Diabetes. Players must measure their blood glucose levels, work out how many carbohydrates they are about to eat, and then administer the correct dosage of insulin. Exposure to the dynamic creates awareness in players of what it is like to deal with these factors; and mastering the gameplay creates an internal, intuitive understanding of the factors involved.

Having a supportive community and network of friends around them who really get what they are dealing with makes all the difference for children who live with Type 1 Diabetes.


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