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Host and Container metrics using Collectd and CAdvisor
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Collecting host and container metrics using CAdvisor and Collectd.

Status: docker registry


  • Collect metrics from host system, running containers, and processes exposing metrics running in containers.
  • Send metrics to multiple external (from host) systems simultaneously.
  • Run in a container, not on the host system.


Collectd and CAdvisor

  1. Low adoption friction -- Collectd is already in-place as the solution for metrics collection and transport [where I work].
  2. Flexibility, Collectd
    • Offers large number of plugins to support collection of metrics.
    • Various options for creating custom metrics collectors.
    • Offers a large number of plugins to send metrics to various external systems.
    • Collectd's native transport is supported by many such systems.
  3. CAdvisor
    • Collectd has no inherent capability to inspect the host system [from a container] nor other containers.
    • Exposes host system and container metrics via an API which can be easily leveraged.
    • Offers near real-time visibility into a running system, if exposed, providing a powerful interactive troubleshooting tool.


  1. It is a more complex solution, with complexity comes fragility.
  2. CAdvisor adds additional load to a system.

As alternatives surface they will be investigated from the perspective of simplifying the overall solution and reducing load on the host system.


  • Leverage Collectd's wealth of plugins
  • Leveage CAdvisor's ability to see the Host as well as the Containers
  • Runs in a separate container (not as a 1st class process on the Host)
  • Has built-in metrics collectors for:
    • Host
    • Containers
    • Mesos
  • Easy to use...which is, of course, relative and subjective :)
  • Basic metric name manipulation for metric continuity

Getting started

Refer to the repository wiki for complete documentation on all of the configuration options, as well as, more details on using the cadvisor-collectd container. For a quick start, see the examples directory for turnkey demonstrations using CSV, InfluxDB, or Graphite.

On deck

  • [x] add mesos metrics collection plugin for Collectd
  • [x] refactor cadvisor and mesos -- provide both command line and plugin capabilities
  • [x] add service filter modes to cadvisor
    • [x] group options
      • [x] mounts
      • [x] sockets
      • [x] docker scopes
      • [x] user slice
      • [x] system slice
      • [x] other slices
    • [x] service options
      • [x] all
      • [x] include -- implicit exclusion, explicit inclusion
      • [x] exclude -- implicit inclusion, explicit exclusion
  • [x] rewirte and reorganize documentation
    • [x] introduction
    • [x] configuring collectd
    • [x] configuring cadvisor plugin
    • [x] configuring mesos plugin
    • [x] add quick start to README
      • [x] csv
      • [x] graphite
      • [x] influxdb
    • [x] add quickstart demo examples
      • [x] csv
      • [x] influxdb
      • [x] graphite
  • [ ] ansible playbook
    • [ ] cadvisor service
    • [ ] cadvisor-collectd service
    • [ ] configure collectd
    • [ ] configure cadvisor plugin
    • [ ] configure mesos plugin
  • [ ] options for metric source (for docker containers)
    • [ ] Docker
    • [ ] CAdvisor
  • [ ] configuration sources
    • [ ] consul
    • [ ] etcd
      • [ ] confd
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