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Docker with ServerDensity agent (sd-agent)

This is a CentOS-7 based million12/serverdensity Docker image with an installed sd-agent. Use it if you want to monitor your server with

Customise with environmental variables


The name of your organization account, i.e.


API key for the account. Note: this is an API key, not an agent key (the latter is per-device). Generate your API key under:
ServerDensity panel -> Preferences -> Security -> API tokens.

GROUPNAME (optional)

Group name in ServerDensity. If not provided, server will be listed in the 'Ungrouped' group.


docker run -dt --net=host --env="API_KEY=api-key" --env="ACCOUNT_NAME=name" million12/serverdensity

Note 1: -t option is required as sd-agent uses sudo which requires TTY.
Note 2: --net=host gives access to all host network interfaces (and inside the container sets the hostname to the same as hosts' hostname). This is to allow sd-agent reporting about network traffic. Read the Docker doc about potential security issues with it.

Fleet/Cluster deployment

serverdensity.service file is an example for deployment with fleet to propagate the monitoring system on all/some of the servers in the cluster.

Start service with fleetctl

On one of the servers that are in the cluster start the service by:

sudo fleetctl start /path/to/service/file/serverdensity.service

Note 1: GROUPNAME variable might be of use here.
Note 2: For different settings than GLOBAL see X-Fleet documentation.


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