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Contributors environment for OpenStack Code
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One of the most daunting and complicated things people find when trying to provide feedback and suggestions to the OpenStack community, projects and code – is the nuts and bolts of actually getting this done.

There are a number of tutorials around. The official kind - HowTo for FirstTimers, Documentation HowTo, Gerrit Workflow.

This container provides the environment with all that you need to start contributing to the OpenStack project.

The container is an interactive one and will default to a bash command when run.

You will need to provide 4 variables to the container at run time.

  1. GIT_USERNAME "Your Name"
  2. GIT_EMAIL ""
  3. GERRIT_USERNAME yourusername
  4. GERRIT_HTTP_PASSWORD secretpassword

If these variables are not set - then the container will not start.

For more details on how to find those variable please follow the steps in this blog post.

Docker Pull Command