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Various docker images for benchmarking purposes
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Benchmarking images

Nginx benchmark

Multiples images with and without embedded data (1 thousand 10KB + 1 thousand 100KB files), based on images "official", nginx from Ubuntu, and nginx from Alpine

  • nginx-official-data (FROM nginx, with data)
  • nginx-ubuntu-empty (FROM ubuntu, install nginx, without data)
  • nginx-ubuntu-data (FROM ubuntu, install nginx, with data)
  • nginx-alpine-empty (FROM alpine, install nginx, without data)
  • nginx-alpine-data (FROM alpine, install nginx, with data)

How to get a 10K file :

# with 1 < N < 1000
curl http://[ip_address]:[port]/10k/file[N].txt

How to get a 100K file :

# with 1 < N < 1000
curl http://[ip_address]:[port]/100k/file[N].txt
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