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Ethereum DEVnet - one node, auto address generation, genesis.json + mining script - includes SOLC!!
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Ethereum DEVnet Container

One geth node, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

(changes from the original makevoid/ethereum-geth-dev container: includes solc - Ethereum contract Solidity compiler)


  • Automatic address generation (generates a new coinbase address)
  • Genesis block setup (low difficulty for quick tx confirmations, high gas block limit)
  • Mining script (starts mining only when new transactions are present)


docker pull makevoid/ethereum-geth-dev-solc 
docker run -p 8545:8545 makevoid/ethereum-geth-dev-solc

It also has:

  • Node JS
  • Web3 as npm module
  • Coffeescript

If you want a password different than foo please edit config/password.txt before running :D, also you'll may want to not automatically unlock the address via the geth --password arg/flag.

Please take a look at the Dockerfile, it's quite simple and has few options (logging of some steps, regenerating the address...)



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