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Ruby from Source Docker Container - github repo:
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Ruby from Source Docker Container

Installation of Ruby 2.3 from source, contains a test file to test one feature available only in 2.3, Immutable Strings

You can both get the container through Docker Hub or Build & Run it yourself from the Dockerfile in this repo

Pull the container from DockerHub and Run it


docker pull makevoid/ruby-2.3


docker run makevoid/ruby-2.3 ruby --version

(should be 2.3.0)


docker run -v $(pwd):/app makevoid/ruby-2.3 ruby --enable-frozen-string-literal /app/your_app.rb

( I suggest running this simple test file: and modify it to try immutable strings and the new ruby behaviour )

Docke Hub container page:

Alternatively, clone, build & run based on the Dockerfile contained in this repo:

Clone, Build & Run


git clone && cd ruby-from-source-container


docker build -t ruby23 .



It will run test.rb that contains a small example of immutable strings warning (and program termination) because we're appending content to a string.

See the Dockerfile for more infos:

This Dockerfile is a fork of the official one: - feel free to compare them, and have fun!


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