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fhirplace on server side.


Generic UI for FHIR servers.

Fhirface is byproduct of fhirplace open source FHIR server implementation.
It can be used with any FHIR compliant server (support of json format required).


  • Visualize conformance
  • Search resources
  • Profile information
  • Create, Update, Delete resources


nodejs is required for build.
We recommend install it using nvm

git clone
cd fhirface
# install npm modules
npm install
# build app into ./dist
env BASEURL= npm run-script build

# run def server
env PORT=8080 BASEURL= npm start

# publish
env PORT=8080 BASEURL= npm run-script deploy

After building you can copy build directory into your web server
directory and open index.html file.

Run with OAuth2

Asume Fhirwall running on http://localhost:3000 and
application it self running on http://localhost:8080.

nvm use 0 \
  && env \
     PORT=8080 \
     BASEURL='http://localhost:3000/fhir' \
     OAUTH_CLIENT_ID='your-oauth-client-id' \
     OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET='your-oauth-client-secret' \
     OAUTH_REDIRECT_URI='http://localhost:8080/#/redirect' \
     OAUTH_SCOPE='all' \
     OAUTH_RESPONSE_TYPE='token' \
     OAUTH_AUTHORIZE_URI='http://localhost:3000/oauth/authorize' \
     npm start


All premium services from developers of Fhirbase projects
should be requested from Choice Hospital Systems (

Implementation details


  • authorization
  • better profile visualization


Be free make feature requests & report bugs.

  • Issues by github
  • Fixes by pull-requests
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