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Based on borromeotlhs' dockerfile I wrote a more refined version that sets everything beforehand (no menuconfig needed).

How to use

Pull and run from my Docker Hub with the command:

docker run -it --name omega2-sdk-app -v /my_host_dir:/remote jlcs/omega2-sdk bash

If necessary (the built image being less than 1GB is an indicative) run make to build the SDK.

To resume the created container:

docker container ls -a              # Check the container's name if you didn't use --name
docker start <container-name>          # Start the omega2SDK container
docker attach <container-name>         # Start interactive console

How to compile C code

Once you are in the Docker container, some environment variables are set (maybe not) for you to use:

mipsel-openwrt-linux-gcc [options] 

The compiler binaries are generated inside the directory:


Note: The 'el' in mipsel indicates it is a Little Endian version of MIPS.

I found a bug

Make a pull-request or create an issue.

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