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Several builds of Mapnik with Python and Node.js bindings.
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Dockerized Mapnik

Mapnik Dockers. Usually consists in a X.X.X Mapnik version image that later is used to build the Node.js and Python bindings.


  • 3.0.12: base image with Mapnik version 3.0.12 compiled. No bindings;
  • AA: Node.js bindings, Mapnik v3.0.12, Node.js v6.10.0;
  • AA-Dev: as AA, but development-oriented;
  • AB: Node.js bindings, Mapnik v3.0.12, Node.js v8.4.0;
  • AB-Dev: as AB, but development-oriented;
  • BA: Python bindings, Mapnik v3.0.12, Python version unknown?
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