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PHP tools for easier docker based development

This is a simple docker image for running various PHP tools from the CLI / IDE.


run docker as with current user not root (no more sudo)

  • add current user to docker group
    sudo gpasswd -a `whoami` docker
  • restart docker
    sudo service docker restart


Go to the root directory of your app and choose what to do


docker run -it --rm -w /app -v $(pwd):/app docker-php-toolbox:latest /phpunit


docker run -it --rm -w /app -v $(pwd):/app docker-php-toolbox:latest /composer


docker run -it --rm -w /app -v $(pwd):/app docker-php-toolbox:latest / behat

Additional notes


XDebug is automatically running so don't worry about it !


One handy trick is to create a few run commands or alias for even easier use

i.e. ~/bin/phpunit

docker run \
    -it \
    --rm \
    -v $(pwd):/app \
    -w /app \
    docker-php-toolbox:latest /phpunit $*

for the other tools, you could replace phpunit with composer or behat

version information

In order to allow easier switching of the various tools between PHP versions. We've tagged the PHP version as the image tag.
Thus using docker-php-toolbox:latest will use the latest PHP stable, but docker-php-toolbox:5.4 will use 5.4 ;)

Usage with make

We also provide a Makefile which encapsulate and ease rights things, and so on for all this docker php utilities commands

So for example to run composer install in your project :
make composer install

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