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Builder for osm2pgrouting binary
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Before you can use this tool for importing Openstreetmap data you need to install:

  1. postgresql
  2. postgis
  3. pgrouting
  4. boost
  5. expat
  6. cmake

and to prepare a database.


See in the documentation of the pgrouting website for more informations:


For compiling this tool, you will need boost, libpq, expat and cmake:
Then just type the following in the root directory:

cmake -H. -Bbuild
cd build/
make install

If you have libraries installed in non-standard locations, you might need to pass in parameters to cmake. Commonly useful parameters are

Install some prerqeuisites

sudo apt-get install expat
sudo apt-get install libexpat1-dev

CMAKE options:

-DBOOST_ROOT:PATH=/path/to/boost  folder that contains include, lib, bin directories for boost

-DEXPATH_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH=/path/to/expat/include  the include folder for where your expat is installed

-DPOSTGRESQL_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH=/path/to/postgresql/include  the include folder for postgresql development headers

A cmake with custom options might look something like

cmake -DBOOST_ROOT:PATH=/local/projects/rel-boost-1.58.0 \
    -DPOSTGRESQL_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH=/local/projects/rel-pg94/include  -Bbuild

How to use

Prepare the database:

createdb routing
psql -dbname routing -c 'CREATE EXTENSION postgis'
psql -dbname routing -c 'CREATE EXTENSION pgRouting'

Start the program like this:

osm2pgrouting --f your-OSM-XML-File.osm --conf mapconfig.xml --dbname routing --username postgres --clean

Do incremental adition of data without using --clean

osm2pgrouting --f next-OSM-XML-File.osm --conf mapconfig.xml --dbname routing --username postgres

A complete list of arguments are:

Allowed options:

Allowed options:

  --help                Produce help message for this version.
  -v [ --version ]      Print version string

  -f [ --file ] arg                     REQUIRED: Name of the osm file.
  -c [ --conf ] arg (=/usr/share/osm2pgrouting/mapconfig.xml)
                                        Name of the configuration xml file.
  --schema arg                          Database schema to put tables.
                                          blank: defaults to default schema 
                                                dictated by PostgreSQL 
  --prefix arg                          Prefix added at the beginning of the 
                                        table names.
  --suffix arg                          Suffix added at the end of the table 
  --addnodes                            Import the osm_nodes table.
  --clean                               Drop previously created tables.

Database options:
  -d [ --dbname ] arg               Name of your database (Required).
  -U [ --username ] arg (=postgres) Name of the user, which have write access 
                                    to the database.
  -h [ --host ] arg (=localhost)    Host of your postgresql database.
  -p [ --port ] arg (=5432)         db_port of your database.
  -W [ --password ] arg             Password for database access.

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