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This is a Docker Image for Jekyll




This is a most specific version of the machine for the project: Beautiful-Jekyll with all gems already loaded.

Creating the Image:

docker build -t mangar/jekyll:1.1 .

Starting the WebServer (jekyll serve):

docker run -p 4000:4000 -v `pwd`:/app mangar/jekyll:1.1 bash -c "bundle install; bundle exec jekyll serve"


Creating the Image:

docker build -t mangar/jekyll:1.0 .

Creating a new Jekyll Blog

docker run -v `pwd`:/app mangar/jekyll:1.0 bash -c "jekyll new blog"

Starting the WebServer (jekyll serve):

cd blog
docker run -p 4000:4000 -v `pwd`:/app mangar/jekyll:1.0 bash -c "bundle install; bundle exec jekyll serve"

Fire on your browser: http://localhost:4000

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3 months ago

Is it necessary to install all the gems during the docker build process (all the gem installs in the dockerfile) when you're going to run bundle install anyway when you run the container? It seems you could simplify the dockerfile by removing the gems and add them to the Gemfile in the Beautiful-Jekyll repository. Thanks!