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Jibiki Lexical Resources Web Management Platform
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Jibiki is a generic platform for managing lexical resources online.
Any resource in XML format can be imported and then queried and edited online.
The platform uses the Enhydra object web framework and Postgres database for the data layer.

For running examples, see:

There is also a REST API for remote programming. See


The easiest way to install is to use the dockerfiles.

The jibiki docker image is built from openjdk official image:

The postgres4jibiki docker image is built from postgresql latest official image.
See for more information.

The ipolex docker image is built from php latest official image.
See for more information.

Getting the latest docker images

docker pull mangeot/ipolex
docker pull mangeot/postgres4jibiki
docker pull mangeot/jibiki

Or building from the git repos

docker build -t mangeot/ipolex
docker build -t mangeot/postgres4jibiki
docker build -t mangeot/jibiki

Running the docker images

Create a directory on your machine for storing ipolex and postgres data

mkdir -p /Users/mangeot/docker/ipolex
mkdir -p /Users/mangeot/docker/postgresData

Launch the 3 containers

docker run --name ipolex -p 8888:80 --volume /Users/mangeot/docker/ipolex:/var/www/html/Dicos -d mangeot/ipolex 
docker run --name jibiki-database --volume /Users/mangeot/docker/postgresData:/var/lib/postgresql/data -d mangeot/postgres4jibiki postgres
docker run --name jibiki -p 8999:8999 --link jibiki-database:postgres --volume /Users/mangeot/docker/ipolex:/ipolex -d mangeot/jibiki

Using the apps

For iPolex, open http://localhost:8888 in your favorite browser;

For jibiki, open http://localhost:8999 in your favorite browser.

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