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Burn audio CDs from lists of MP3s/WAVs/Oggs/FLACs
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Burn normalized audio CDs from lists of MP3s/WAVs/Oggs/FLACs.


docker run --rm -it --privileged -v /dev/sr0:/dev/cdrecorder -v $(pwd):/mnt mantlepro/mp3cd

The container's default is set to burn a normalized audio CD of all supported files in the current directory. i.e.

mp3cd -T -E $(pwd)

Additional commandline arguments may be supplied if desired:

    mp3cd [OPTIONS] [playlist|files...]

     -s, --stage STAGE  Start at a certain stage of processing:
                            clean   Start fresh (default, requires playlist)
                            build   Does not clean (requires playlist)
                            decode  Turns MP3s/Oggs/FLACs into WAVs
                            correct Fix up any WAV formats
                            norm    Normalizes WAV volumes
                            toc     Builds a Table of Contents from WAVs
                            toc_ok  Checks TOC validity
                            cdr_ok  Checks for a CDR
                            burn    Burns from the TOC
     -q                 Quits after one stage of processing
     -t, --tempdir DIR  Set working dir (default "/tmp/mp3cd-$USER")
     -d, --device PATH  Look for CDR at "PATH" (default "/dev/cdrecorder")
     -r, --driver TYPE  Use CDR driver TYPE (default up to cdrdao)
     -n, --simulate     Don't actually burn a disc but do everything else.
     -E, --no-eject     Don't eject drive after the burn.
     -L, --no-log       Don't redirect output to "tool-output.txt"
     -T, --no-cd-text   Don't attempt to write CD-TEXT tags to the audio CD
     -c, --cdrdao ARGS  Pass the option string ARGS to cdrdao.
     -S, --skip STAGES  Skip the comma-separated list of stages in STAGES.
     -V, --version      Report which version of the script this is.
     -v, --verbose      Shows commands as they are executed.
     -h, --usage        Shows brief usage summary.
         --help         Shows detailed help summary.
         --longhelp     Shows complete help.

For the full manpage, see


Burn a cd of all audio files in current directory:

docker run --rm --privileged -v /dev/sr0:/dev/cdrecorder -v $(pwd):/mnt mantlepro/mp3cd

Burn tracks from an m3u playlist directory under music directory.

docker run --rm --privileged -v /dev/sr0:/dev/cdrecorder -v /path/to/music:/path/to/music mantlepro/mp3cd playlists/playlist.m3u

Note: Pay attention to the paths in your m3u playlist and make sure the path is bind-mounted accordingly inside the container

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