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Pgpool2 Dockerfile

This project can be used to deploy pgpool2 inside a Docker container for transparent failover between two postgresql hosts without requiring a floating IP address.

It relies on Alpine Linux - Edge.

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Current versions (latest)

Running the Container

Stand alone command line

sudo docker run --name pgpool2 -e PGPOOL_BACKENDS=1:,2: -p 5432:5432/tcp manuc66/pgpool2-container-alpine:latest

With docker-compose

version: '3'
    image: postgres:9.6-alpine

    image: manuc66/pgpool2-container-alpine:latest
      - mypostgres
      - PGPOOL_BACKENDS=1:mypostgres:5432
      - 5432:5432/tcp

Configuration Environment Variables

PCP_PORT - The port used to listen for PCP commands. (default: 9898)

PCP_USER - The user allowed to execute PCP commands. (default: postgres)

PCP_USER_PASSWORD - The pcp user password. (default: bettervoice)

PGPOOL_PORT - The port used by pgpool2 to listen for client connections. (default: 5432)

PGPOOL_BACKENDS - A comma separated list of PostgeSQL server backends. The format for each backend is as follows: INDEX:HOST:PORT (default: 1:localhost:5432)

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7 months ago

Very cool stuff. A couple issues I've experienced:

  • There's no tag on docker hub for 3.6.0, so I tried latest and that pulled
  • latest returned an error: gosu not found
  • Used 3.5.4 with container links to primary and replica containers, but it seems like port 5432 isn't open (not exposed?)