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Flink Docker Image
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Flink in Docker

This is a Docker image appropriate for running Flink. You can run it locally with docker-compose in which case you get three containers by default:

  • flink-jobmanager - runs a Flink JobManager in cluster mode and exposes a port for Flink and a port for the WebUI.
  • flink-taskmanager - runs a Flink TaskManager and connects to the Flink Job Manager via static DNS name jobmanager.
  • flink-history-server - runs a Flink History Server



You only need to build the Docker image if you have changed Dockerfile or the startup shell script, otherwise skip to the next step and start using directly.

To build, get the code from Github, change as desired and build an image by running docker build .

Run locally

Get the docker-compose.yml from Github and then use the following snippets

Start JobManager and TaskManager

docker-compose up -d will start in background a JobManager with a single TaskManager and the History Server.

Scale TaskManagers

docker-compose scale taskmanager=5 will scale to 5 TaskManagers.

Deploy and Run a Job

  1. Copy the Flink job JAR to the Job Manager

docker cp /path/to/job.jar $(docker ps --filter name=jobmanager --format={{.ID}}):/job.jar to

  1. Copy the data to each Flink node if necessary
for i in $(docker ps --filter name=flink --format={{.ID}}); do
  docker cp /path/to/data.csv $i:/data.csv
  1. Run the job

docker exec -it $(docker ps --filter name=jobmanager --format={{.ID}}) flink run -c <your_job_class> /job.jar [optional params]

where optional params could for example point to the dataset copied at the previous step.

Accessing Flink Web Dashboard

Navigate to http://localhost:8081

Stop Flink Cluster

docker-compose down shuts down the cluster.


Apache®, Apache Flink™, Flink™, and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.

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